About Us

Who we are?

At PACE Systems we are one of the most recent players to enter the field of intensive animal husbandry ventilation. We aim to help growers overcome the challenges and inefficiencies faced by traditional systems by bringing new and innovative solutions from the Danish ventilation company, DACS. At PACE Systems we have a high level of expertise in the most advanced ventilation systems available to the intensive animal husbandry market. Also being DACS preferred supplier in the Australian market we work very closely with them to ensure our clients recieve there goods in the best manner possible.

PACE Systems model is based around three core principles; Efficiency, Longevity and Simplicity. We believe that in today’s market of rising utility and employment costs the future for the Australian market lies in having efficient, automated systems that are built to a high standard and provide long service with minimal maintenance. The systems we bring in conjunction with DACS offer exactly this, meaning that operators see returns increase dramatically due to better bird health, drastically lower operating costs, minimal maintenance costs and long reliable service life.

Return on investment

PACE Systems products offer unrivalled opportunities for return on investment, in some cases seeing full returns within 3 years on efficiency gains alone!


We believe strongly in sustainability of operations for our clients and also on a wider scale encompassing the whole industry. To us sustainability means advanced infrastructure and increasingly economic operations.


At PACE Systems we strive for quality of service that equals the quality of the products we offer. We believe that our products are only as good as the support we offer with them.


The products offered by PACE Systems have been developed with ultimate efficiency in mind. We are not afraid to say that our class leading efficiency and performance can realise you gains of up to 70%!


PACE Systems recognises that an efficient product is most certainly one with a long and low maintenance service life. Backed by 30 years of product development experience our products undergo rigorous testing to provide some of the most reliable products available.


While the PACE Systems offer the most advanced technology and development available in the market, the products have also been selected for their ease of operation and integration. Advanced Simplicity is the aim of the game!

Keeping track on your production data

Your entire production can be controlled using one of our ACS controllers, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimum climate every single day during the production period and at the same time keeps track of all relevant parameters right from feed and water consumption to daily growth.

MagFan - top class energy efficiency

Our wall fan, MagFan, is the most energy efficient fan, you will find. MagFan has been developed using the most advanced CFD design combined with full-scale prototype testing in one of Europe's most advanced test facilities. The result is an ultra-efficient, high capacity fan. In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, MagFan offers at least 50 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. Read all about it here.

MagFan presents an unprecedented combination of high capacity and extreme efficiency. The unit completely changes the perception of a fan. Its stackable components offer safe, ultra-compact shipping, and the fan’s simplistic design and rugged construction make it the simplest to install easiest to run fan ever.

MagFan is maintenance free, it is 100 % recyclable, and it will run on 95 % of the world’s electrical grid. DACS has won the Danish award for Sustainable Products with MagFan.