The Corona is uniquely an active fan assisted fan distribution unit. The active distribution of preheated and oxygen rich air, ensures that the environment in the house remains optimal for animal health and growth. The Corona effectively controls airspeeds in the bird zone to ensure animals have plenty of dry, oxygen rich air.

Testing has shown that by implementing the use of Coronas to utilize warm air that is gathered in the roof space the Corona will typically return 10kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity used. This can cut the overall heat consumption by up to 50%.

Why Corona?

When implementing conventional ventilation methods, it is almost impossible to effectively make use of the heat that escapes the bird zone to the roof space. This essentially means that the heat is completely wasted. However, when the Corona is in operation it draws warm air from the roof space down alongside the chimney, this is then either mixed with fresh air drawn from outside or simply distributed evenly into the bird zone.


When it is very cold outside and/or when animals are small, the house requires absolute minimal ventilation. In this climate mode, the Coronas will preheat the air by mixing small portions of cold incoming air with warm room air from the attic area. This warm air is then distributed evenly throughout the house, providing optimal air speeds in the bird zone. This process ensures heat recovery, dry bedding and the gentle air circulation also means no draught.


As the demand for fresh air in the house rises the Corona dampers open up further allowing more cold air. This cooler air is mixed in increasingly larger portions with the warm air from the roof space, moderating and maintaining ideal climate condition in the house.

Full Flow

When temperatures soar and animals reach heavier weights, the dampers in the Corona are opened fully allowing maximum airflow. The mixing action is now suppressed by the main flow of air, which is being distributed outwards and downwards. This provides fresh air directly to the bird zone ensuring unsurpassed thermal comfort.