The MagFan is an ultra-energy efficient, 56”, variable speed, low maintenance, wall fan designed and produced in Denmark. Offering unprecedented combination of high capacity, high pressure and extreme efficiency, the MagFan is the ultimate solution in situations where energy is at a premium and high flow rates and pressures need to be achieved.

The pressure capabilities of the MagFan exceed 80Pa (0.32”) and it can achieve an output of well over 72,000 m3/hr at neutral pressure, making it the top performing fan in its segment as well as the most energy efficient. MagFan utilises countless hours of research and development to provide you with a technically advanced solution that is remarkably simple to use and will save you thousands in wasted energy costs.

Zero Corrosion, Zero Maintenance

In the highly corrosive environments experienced in intensive chicken production mean that longevity as a result of anti-corrosion measures is a major focus in the design and construction of a cost efficient wall fan. MagFan takes this consideration to the next level through the utilisation of first use plastics and where higher strength is required, high grade stainless steel components. There are no cost-cutting materials, such as galvanised steel and recycled plastics, to corrode and/or fail!

Traditional belt driven wall fans also require constant upkeep to maintain efficiencies and performance. This incurs untold financial stress on chicken farm operations and is very difficult to quantify. The MagFan eliminates this time and expense ‘black hole’ through the implementing of the MagDrive Direct Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, which, quite simply, requires zero maintenance!

The MagDrive VSD

MagFan in Operation

The MagFan combines advanced electrical engineering with extensively researched airflow dynamics to achieve its class leading performance and efficiency in operation. The MagDrive is a simple to use Direct Variable Speed Drive (VSD), meaning that the MagFan starts slowly and quietly, with zero current inrush, and smooth and infinitely variable speed control* from 140 rpm right up to 670rpm.

As the MagFan starts smoothly and quietly it ensures that the animals in the immediate vicinity are not startled by any sudden noises and changes in environment. The MagFan then will smoothly and effortlessly accelerate to always match airflow and pressure requirements with its impressive capacity.

*MagDrive can run on any controller that has 0-10V signal outputs, however this obviously means 10 fixed parameters versus infinite variability achieved using ACS Controller.

Installing MagFan

It is quite apparent that the MagFan outperforms even our closest competitors. This means that the same capacities can be achieved using less fans, in turn providing savings on installation t ime and meaning that a more efficient layout of the fans can be achieved.

The MagFan offers more than just efficiencies in operation. With its unique and highly efficient MagDrive Variable Speed Drive, the MagFan can be run utilising only a single phase input*. This means that the MagFan requires less wiring infrastructure in the building phase than most of our competitors allowing the farm operator to pick up direct savings on capital investment.

While previously some fans constructed mainly from plastics have proven to be inadequately engineered to support even their own weight, the MagFan is robust in construction and has no difficulty in withstanding harsh environments.

*While traditionally greater efficiency gains can be had through running a wall fan on a 3 phase system, the MagDrive’s innovative Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) means that the MagFan is highly efficient even on single phase making the difference between 3 phase and single phase negligible. However the MagDrive can be configured in production to accept 3 phase power supply if this is preferred.

Housing and cone PP-HD, gray(RAL 7040)
PVC, gray (RAL 7040
Impellers blades Celstran Technofiber
Brackets, guards: Stainless steel / AISI 304 / A2
Weight: 90kg / 200lbs
L x W x D (mm): See drawing
Impeller diameter: 1430mm / 56.5"
Drive Water proof speed drive
cps (phi) / power factor at full load: 0.99
In-built drive and motor protection
Motor Permanet Magnet Synchronous 3-phase
Output (continous duty): 1,.2kW @ 660RPM
Insulation class F, 170˚C magnets
In-built double klixon thermal protection
Power supply Universal, 100-265VAC, 50/60Hz

  • • Plug-and-run
  • • Built to last, maintenance-free
  • • Calculated service life 100,000+ hrs
  • • Capacity up to 72,000 m3/h (42,377 cfm)
  • • Runs on 95% of the world’s power grid
  • • Runs on any voltage from 85VAC to 265VAC
  • • Reduces CO2 emmissions by at least two thirds
  • • Reduces energy bill by 70% compared to top ten competitors
  • • Save 75% on transport costs
  • • Soft start and acceleration